Basila & The Street Crew Issue 2Zain AhmedMay 12, 2022August 2, 2023

Basila & The Street Crew Issue 2


“Kiran was kidnapped and the other girls are afraid to come now”

As street children begin to disappear, fear grips the city. Rumors are whispered in hushed tones of a gangster named Kaan Kata, who brutally cuts the ears off of his victims to keep as sick trophies.

When her student is kidnapped, Basila springs into action alongside her street crew. But can our heroes save Kiran in time, or will she become another victim of child-trafficking?

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Imran Azhar & Anain Shaikh


Noman Ansari


Anain Shaikh

Editor by

Zarrar Khuhro

Flat colors by

Sana Ashfaq & Saad Fudda

Rendering by

Anain Shaikh

Lettering by

Sana Ashfaq & Anain Shaikh

Published by

AzCorp Comics

Page count



AzCorp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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