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Sheeba and the Private Detectives – is a comic book series featuring four curious friends who love adventures and travel all around Pakistan in search of local mysteries.
Driven by curiosity, armed with a cart-load of books and the support of their fearless pets (Speedy, a dog of mixed origins) and (Tufaan, a temperamental donkey) – Sheeba, Reemi, Majid and Qulsoom use familiar principles of science, math and a dose of common-sense pursuing to solve the gravest of community conundrums.
Team Muhafiz brings a group of diverse misfits at the local youth center who learn to become heroes. Together, they combat villains that embody present-day, local-level injustices, radicalism, and key social, economic and development challenges. Team Muhafiz stories to date bring the sensitive and difficult concepts of environmental degradation (especially deforestation and unchecked urban development) child rights (especially child marriages), corruption, and violence against women to the consciousness of young people across Pakistan. Interspersed with the content are activities and actions that encourage youth to ‘get involved’ in making a difference. Youth centers have been engaged in multiple parts of the country to do activities to spread the Team Muhafiz mantra of peace and tolerance. The activities subtly embody the essence of the TM ethos and aim to inculcate values of tolerance and diversity in the youth by engaging them to get involved in dialogue related to issues regarding ethnicity, race and religion in a positive way. The audio series will convert all the episodes of Team Muhafiz into engaging audio stories that can be played on multi-platforms. It has been recorded in top of the line facilities to provide the best sound quality experience to the young adults.
Using Human Centric design methodology, Mein Hero books are a byproduct of the young children’s imagination and creativity. They immerse themselves in the process of storytelling and creative writing and conjure stories of viewing themselves as heroes solving local problems with only one condition: the setting of the story has to be local! The vault of stories gathered are then perfected in design and printed in comic book form for consumption of readers. Each story is a standalone comic book telling a story of a different hero dealing with a societal problem and solving it. Story topics ranging from cleanliness, education, kindness towards animals, bullying, interfaith harmony, inclusion and internet safety are all part of the comic book series. Students learn important skills such as, critical thinking, problem solving, awareness of their surroundings and how to take action. Moreover, Mein Hero allows for them to magnify on their own heroic qualities such as kindness, empathy, generosity which yields in an improved cognitive and emotional state of the child’s mind. Mein Hero has successfully reached out to 18000 schools, 2400 teachers and 18000 students all over Pakistan! Their stories are available for reader’s consumption. Mein Hero reinforces what AzCorp believes should be the mantra of a society that takes charge of solving its problems: There is a hero in ALL of us!
Basila and the street crew is a coming of age story about a young girl named Basila, trying to right the wrongs she sees around her. Whether confronted by child labor or animal abuse, she rises to the challenge and inspires those around her to fight for what is just. She is an artist at heart…with the streets of Karachi her classroom and the city walls her canvas. But her own life is a mystery. Who is the mother who died so that she could live? Why was she hunted even when she was a baby? Among the colorful cast of characters is Riffat apa – a transgender woman who saves young Basila’s life and – along with other members of her community – raises the talented child as her own. Basila isn’t alone – joining her is her street crew, a slightly crazy collection of kids with their own special set of skills as she tries to solve a crime that – unknown to her – may just provide some answers as to her own mystery.
The story of “Winds Of Baltoro” begins in 2130 CE and has heroes emerging from all ethnic & religious groups of our region. The story is a fast paced Sci-Fi thriller and starts almost a century after the ‘Darkest Days’.


The protagonists of this dim and violent story, set in the not too distant future, are a dysfunctional bunch of anti-heroes, who find themselves on a singular path, where death is the only outcome. They will either all die trying and will be remembered as traitors of the state or if they succeed, they will be hunted down one by one and hanged by the neck until dead.



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