Team Muhafiz & The Mystery Of The Disappearing Mangroves (Digital Copy)Zain AhmedMay 17, 2022May 18, 2022

Team Muhafiz & The Mystery Of The Disappearing Mangroves (Digital Copy)


Special Edition

Mangrove Trees have been disappearing mysteriously from the Creeks of Karachi. But no one wants to know why, or perhaps, no one care. As ever, Team Muhafiz is undeterred and takes up the challenge to find the source of the deforestation but not without a price.

Will they succeed in preserving these essential trees? Find out in this issue.

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A group of teenagers volunteered to revive an old and failing Muhafiz Youth Center as part of their school project. But before they could finish their project and leave they fell in love with the local community. Now they come every day to coach sports and teach music and dancing.

And whenever they see injustice and cruelty, they stand up against it with the help of their friends.

They are…


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Imran Azhar


Samar Minallah khan & Imran Azhar

Consulting Editor

Mira Sethi


Babrus Khan


Rabiya Waheed

Cover Artist

Babrus Khan

Title page art

Waseka Nahar


Babrus Khan

Design & Layout

Tooba Amjad

Character Design

Roy Soumyadipta & Babrus Khan

Published by

AzCorp Comics

Page count



AzCorp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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