Basila Art Book Issue 1 (Digital Copy)


Basila is a conscientious teenage street-artist whose remarkable parkour skills are only matched by her giant heart. Under the guidance of her transgender aunt Riffat Apa, she, alongside her unlikely crew, tackle Karachi’s social ills to make the bustling city a safer place for all.

Featuring the initial 12 pages of the first issue of Basile & The Street Crew, this art book features introductions to all the main cast as well as some concept art.


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Creator & Writer

Imran Azhar, Anain Shaikh & Noman Ansari

Character Design

Anain Shaikh

Comic Book Illustrator

Anain Shaikh

Consulting Editor

Noman Ansari

Published by

AzCorp Comics

Page count



AzCorp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.